Eat Your Greens, Stay Sharp

Eat Your Greens, Stay Sharp


I love a good salad, and now I have an even better reason to eat my greens! A new study published in the Neurology Journal's January 2018 issue highlights the importance of eating greens to reduce cognitive decline. The study included 960 participants aged 58-99 years. The participants were placed into groups based on their greens consumption. The group with the most greens consumption had about 1.3 servings of greens daily. These participants were followed over a 5 year period, and those who consumed the most greens fared better on follow up testing for cognitive decline. Seems simple enough, right? Eat salads and stay sharper longer.

Looking for some easy suggestions on how to increase your consumption of greens (the darker the better)? Check out this list:

  1. Add greens to your smoothies.
  2. Fold some greens into your omelet.
  3. Swap out your usual lunch or dinner for a salad.
  4. Add a side salad to your lunch or dinner.
  5. Pile dark greens on to your sandwich, or better yet, use the greens as a 'wrap.'

This does not have to be painful, and in this case, more is always better. I generally prefer as many raw greens as possible (due to the potential break down of nutrients upon heating). One serving of greens is only 1/2 cup - 1 cup, depending on the vegetable, so adding them to your diet should be relatively painless. The bonus to adding these is you will be filling up on greens rather than other 'junk' we tend to reach for like chips, pastas, etc. So you may even find that your pants fit a little better, and your trips to the bathroom are becoming more regular.


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