Chiropractic Testimonials

“My son suffers from ADD and has been seeing Dr. Lindsey Carr for regular adjustments. His ADD manifests in reduced attention span, difficulty tracking objects/people and daydreaming. Since seeing Dr. Lindsey we have seen a dramatic decrease in his ADD symptoms. We are grateful for the care Dr. Lindsey has given him. Thank you Dr. Lindsey and Staff!”
-April R.

“I originally sought out chiropractic care for my 18 month old daughter who was having trouble sleeping after hearing about how chiro care helps with all kinds of problems. Dr. Lindsey came HIGHLY recommended as THE best chiropractor for children and infants. I was so impressed with Dr. Lindsey’s care that I soon entered my own treatment. We’ve been seeing Dr. Lindsey for 20 months now and she has helped my daughter stay healthy and (along with great supplementation and other factors) my daughter has had ZERO sick-visits and been on no medication EVER. Dr. Lindsey has treated my pain ranging from severe back pain from an out of place rib to a raging sinus infection. I am a believer in chiropractic care as part of a great preventative program for anyone and Dr. Lindesy, in my opinion, is the very best at providing that service.”
-Kristina Y.

“We’ve been seeing Dr. Lindsey for nearly 3 years, and she’s been a huge blessing for our health. My oldest son had a remarkable recovery once we started seeing Dr. Lindsey. At 19 months old, he had long been off the growth charts and suffered from significant GI pain. Within three visits, he was off of his medications. Within six weeks of care, he had gained enough to make it back on the growth charts. He absolutely loves Dr. Lindsey, and he pretends to be her when playing “doctor.” In addition, I’ve experienced immense benefits including overall wellness, avoiding surgery and eliminating my previous years of sciatica, and prenatal care that helped turn my breech baby. Between our four family members, we’ve only had two sick visits to an MD in the past 3 years thanks to the wellness care, and Midtown Chiropractic makes it affordable by creating a wellness plan for our uninsured and underinsured family.”
-Laura B.

“Dr. Lindsey Carr’s care was vital to my happy & healthy pregnancy. From my first visit, I felt recharged and better than ever! Not only did she keep me aligned up until I gave birth, she eliminated my pregnancy congestion, and provided me with valuable nutritional information, supplements, and other helpful tips. My daughter, now 3 years old, has been adjusted since birth. She feels very comfortable with Dr. Lindsey and even makes requests to see her by saying, “Mommy, my neck hurts. I need Dr. Lindsey to get the popcorn out.” I notice immediate improvements in her mobility after her adjustments.”


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