Ladies, Does Your Summer Weather Come in Waves?

Ladies, Does Your Summer Weather Come in Waves?

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Exclusive vacations are great, but some heat waves can be a little too private…I’m sure you know I’m referring to “Club Menopause.” On the surface this can sound amazing—no more periods, no more planning vacations around your cycle, and you can wear white pants whenever you want (especially since the Labor Day rule is no longer a thing…am I right?).

Memphis chiropractor explains that menopause is a major transitional time in a woman’s life. For some, this transition comes easy, but for others, it seems to be a drawn-out, torturous process punctuated by hot flashes. So how can it be made better? Read below to learn more:

Managing Your Menopause Symptoms in Memphis TN

  1. Manage your STRESS: This is not meant to be a ‘simple’ suggestion—finding ways to reduce your burden can be stressful by itself. When the body perceives stress, it releases adrenaline. This causes an increase in both heart rate and blood pressure. This increase in blood pressure can cause the hot flash. A six-year study published in 2005 in the Journal of Menopause, indicated that women who are stressed experience hot flashes at a rate of more than FIVE times greater than those who were less stressed. Some ways you could look to reduce your stress include some simple things like saying “no.” After all, less responsibilities means less stress. Book yourself appointments to be alone. This could include things like a workout (I love Apex Wellness in Midtown, a facial (Veracity Skin Studio does a great organic facial, or simply time with a best friend to unwind!

  2. Watch your diet: Keeping your blood sugars stable is another crucial step in the prevention of hot flashes and menopausal symptoms. The reason for this is that insulin affects your sex hormones, making them collateral damage for sugar dysregulation. This is further worsened in situations of insulin resistance or diabetes. In these situations the body has excess insulin that can no longer help put glucose (sugar) into the cells for energy. Diabetes and insulin resistance are both conditions that are aggravated by eating foods with high carbohydrates (high glycemic index) foods. Too much sugar leads to many of the unwanted symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, and other symptoms.

  3. Limit exposure to endocrine disruptors: Endocrine disruptors include chemicals such as DDT, glyphosate, parabens, phthalates, and BPA. The amount of foods, cosmetics, soaps and storage containers that we use daily! These can influence the body’s hormonal system in ways that can lead to insulin resistance, cancer, thyroid disorders, and more.

  4. Limit external temperature fluctuations: Dress in light layers to allow for self-regulation. Changing your breathing pattern is another great way to manage hot flashes. Paced respiration is a slow, controlled rhythmic breathing pattern. You can do this seated with your hands over your abdomen. As you slowly inhale, count to four while you feel the abdomen rise into your hands. Hold your breath for one count, then slowly count to four as you exhale. Try to repeat this at the beginning of a hot flash for 15 mins.

If you are looking for personalized help during your time at “Club Menopause,” feel free to reach out to me if you are in the Memphis area!

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