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If you were losing air in your car tire, at what point would you choose to fix it? I would argue (hope) that most would choose to fix it the moment it was detected because you know that if it does not get fixed soon you might cause larger problems with your car. Or would you choose to wait until you were on the side of the road and now need to be towed with more damage to your car? Or even worse, potentially cause a huge wreck on the highway? Top Memphis chiropractor explains when to take action.

In this type of work, many patients present with seemingly normal blood work that to the naked eye shows they may have a few low or high valued results, but for the most part their blood work was "normal." For some patients this may be comforting, but for most they still have questions as to why they feel so terrible despite being "normal." We, however, prefer to go by functional or ideal values. The reason we prefer functional over the clinical values provided by the lab is because the lab values are simply averages of the patients who had utilized that lab over "x" number of years. These lab values also include ill patients and to be compared to averages that include a sick cohort, I believe, is unfair and keeps us from attaining an ideal state of health because we become complacent with just being within "normal limits." I just do not believe that illness should be included in the creation of "normal limits," especially when I want each of my patients at Midtown Chiropractic in Memphis to be achieving their own individual version of optimal health.

With a functional lab analysis, we can identify trends and changes in blood values BEFORE they become an issue. Once we have completed our analysis we are able to create a nutritional/supplement plan to begin to compensate for these changes.

So back to the car questions, which would you do if your health were the car? Call Midtown Chiropractic in Memphis at (901) 726-4523 to schedule an appointment today.

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